Foster Care and Placements

Foster Care and Placements

We are experiencing an unprecedented time in our need for caring foster parents. An epidemic of issues has brought a growing number of children into the custody of HCDFS—children who need and deserve safe and loving homes.

When Harrison County Job and Family Services is granted temporary custody of children by the Juvenile Court, we search for the least restrictive placement setting possible. 
1.  Kinship Placements:  Our first choice is to place children with relatives (kin) or fictive kin (people who have an already existing relationship with the child/ren).  In order to place children with kin, a home study is necessary, as well as a criminal background check.  A search of children services records must also be done to review the kinship provider's history.
2.  Foster Care:  If no kinship placement is appropriate, children may be placed in a foster home.  Children really need to be placed in their school district, close to home.  We are always searching for local people willing to become foster parents for this reason.  If no local foster homes are available, we would search for availability in other counties' foster homes or in a foster care network.
3.  Group Homes:  If circumstances require a higher level of supervision or treatment, children in the agency's custody may be placed in a group home.  There are no group homes in Harrison County, so this type of placement would be out of the county and out of the child/ren's school district.
4.  Residential Treatment:  The highest level of placement resource would be residential treatment.  Only children for whom every other option has been attempted would be considered for residential treatment.  This option would also be out of the county and school district.

When you choose to foster a child, you are a partner in the reunification process. Together, we work toward the goal to provide a permanent, healthy home solution for each child.

If you are interested in being a foster parent, please call 740-942-6014

Harrison County is in need of foster parents!  Call                             740-942-2171 for more information.