Child Protective Services

Child Protective Services

Child Protective Services

TO REPORT CHILD ABUSE/NEGLECT: If you believe that a child has been abused or neglected, please contact Harrison County Job and Family Services. Reports may be made by calling the agency at  740-942-2171  , weekdays from 8 A.M. to 4 P.M. To make a report after regular business hours, on weekends or holidays, please contact the Harrison County Sheriff’s Office at 740-942-2197 and ask for the on-call social worker.

Any report shall contain:

  • The names and addresses of the child and the child’s parents or the person or persons having custody of the child, if known.

  • The child’s age and the nature and extent of the child’s known or suspected injuries, abuse, or neglect or of the known or suspected threat of injury, abuse, or neglect.

  • Any other information that might be helpful in establishing the cause of the known or suspected injury, abuse or neglect or of the known or suspected threat of injury, abuse, or neglect.

    To read the current Child Abuse and Neglect Memorandum of Understanding click here:  2022-2024 Child Abuse and Neglect Memorandum of Understanding

Children Services offers a wide range of social services coordinated and delivered on behalf of children who are at risk of abuse or neglect. Harrison County JFS receives reports alleging abuse or neglect 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Children who are under eighteen years of age or mentally or physically handicapped and under twenty-one years of age may receive protective services from Children Services.

Mandated Reporters

Any person who has reasonable belief that a child may be abused or neglected should report their concerns to Children Services. All reporters’ identities are confidential and are not released.

Some individuals are required by law to report suspicions of abuse or neglect. A mandated reporter is someone that is required to report suspected abuse or neglect. Some examples are an attorney; physician, including a hospital intern or resident; dentist; podiatrist; practitioner of a limited branch of medicine as specified in section 4731.15 of the Revised Code, registered nurse; licensed practical nurse; visiting nurse; other health care professional; licensed psychologist, licensed school psychologist, independent marriage and family therapist; speech pathologist or audiologist; coroner; administrator or employee of a certified child care agency or other public or private children services agency; school teacher; school employee; school authority; person engaged in social work or the practice of professional counseling; agent of county humane society, or a person rendering spiritual treatment through prayer in accordance with the tenets of a well recognized religion; superintendent, board member, or employee of a county board of mental retardation; investigative agent contracted with by a county board of mental retardation; or employee of the department mental retardation and developmental disabilities.

In accordance with ORC 2151.421, any person making a report in good faith is immune from any criminal or civil liability.

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