Prevention, Retention and Contingency Program (PRC)

Prevention, Retention and Contingency Program (PRC)

The Prevention, Retention and Contingency (PRC) Program is a county-developed program that is intended to help with the specific needs of Harrison County residents.  PRC eligibility is income based, and applicants must have minor children in their household to qualify.

Some of the specific programs in our PRC Plan are:
1.   Rental/Deposit Assistance - to forestall a court-ordered eviction in a rental/leased dwelling.
2.  Utility bills - Gas, Electric, Water - all other resources, including HEAP, must be attempted before this program can help.
3.  Fuel Oil/Propane - Tank and fuel can be purchased within the program limit, if the applicant owns the dwelling.  If the applicant is not the property owner, PRC can only assist with fuel/propane.  Program can also assist with unpaid fuel oil or propane accounts, up to the program limit.
4.  Emergency shelter - in the event of a natural disaster, State of Emergency (as declared by Ohio Governor), or fire.  Program provides for cost of a room at a Harrison County hotel for up to 14 days.
5.  Household Expenses -  can purchase appliances (for example, stove or refrigerator) in the event of a natural disaster, a fire, or for a victim of domestic violence.
6.  Kinship Services/Supports - Stabilization and Caregiving Services are available for kinship families.
7.  Transportation Expenses for New Employment - Gas vouchers are available for applicants who have new employment and need assistance to get to work until the first payment is received.
8.  Job Support Services - assistance is available to regain a driver's license for verified employment, although program cannot be used to pay fines.
9.  Job Related Expenses - assistance is available for uniforms, tools, safety equipment, fingerprinting costs, etc. for new, verified employment.
10.  Vehicle Expenses for Employment - assistance is available for car repairs and tire replacement with verified employment.
11.  Special Programs - extra programs are sometimes added to the plan when funding is available, such as Summer Youth Employment and Summer Clothing Program.

Find a PRC application here:  Find a PRC application here:

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